The UK has an enormous selection of film and television studios – here is a sample selection
Black Island Studios
Central London’s largest film and television studio complex with 6stages, excellent facilities including drive-in access, cycs, motion control rigs, lighting facilities and on-site catering
Centrestage Studios
In central London, 2 soundproofed studios with drive-in access, B-Stage operates as a permanent greenscreen
Pinewood-Shepperton-Teddington Studios
34 sound stages and 10 television studios plus full production support
Ealing Studios
One of London’s most famous studio facilities with 4 sound stages, 2 silent stages and excellent support facilities


There are plenty of stills studios in London – every size and shape. Here is a small selection:
Holborn Studios
18 stages of varying sizes
Spring Studios
10 stages of varying sizes


Angell Sound
Silk Sound

Grand Central Sound